Art classes wexford

The Open Door Studio offers Art classes in Wexford , catering for complete beginners, intermediate and experienced painters. Art classes are typically small, allowing for individual attention, and take place in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Art Classes Wexford: All classes take place at the Open Door Studio 10 minutes from Wexford & Enniscorthy towns and 5 minutes from Castlebridge (see map).
We offer:

  • Classes in painting, pottery and silk-painting  – beginners welcome
  • Expert tuition in a fun & relaxed atmosphere 
  • Fully equipped studio – bright, warm and spacious

Join us for a relaxed, enjoyable and sociable art experience at the Open Door Studio.

Beginners and experienced painters welcome.

New ten week term starting Monday 21st of September 2020. 5 students per class with a social distance of 2 metres and other safety protocols with regard to Covid 19. Call Mary Claire 053 9138921 for more info or text 087-9138921

art classes wexford wexford art classes art classes wexford

Contact Mary-Claire at: 053 - 9138921 /

Painting classes wexford

art classes wexford

Beginners: Basic skills are taught in a step-by-step way allowing you to progressively build confidence and skill. Intermediate classes enable pupils to find their own, individual style.

Experienced Painters: Art classes at the Open Door Studio help you to develop your painting from your current level.  You can work in acrylics, oils, watercolour, pastels, mixed media, etc.

Art classes provide a structured foundation in the use of colour, tone, texture, composition, and drawing. In our art classes we have students who choose landscape, portrait, still-life, abstract or personal creative projects.


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CONTACT MARY-CLAIRE AT: 053 - 9138921 /

Pottery classes

The Open Door Studio offers pottery classes in Wexford in which you can explore pottery and clay sculpture-making through hand sculpting techniques.

You will be introduced to all the basic techniques including of pinching, press moulding, coiling, clay-modelling, slabbing, and clay sculpture.

Students create pots or can focus on creative pottery and clay sculpture projects using these techniques. No previous experience is necessary. Students also receive an introduction to the firing an glazing process.


tutors at the OPEN door studio

Mary-Claire O'Brien

BA (Hons) Fine Art, PGCE

Chris O'Brien

BA (Hons) Fine Art, PGCE

CONTACT MARY-CLAIRE AT: 053 - 9138921 /

Silk Painting classes

art classes wexford

Painting on silk offer unique opportunities to create scarves, shawls and wall-hangings that can be both worn, admired or given as gifts.

The Open Door Studio offers occasional silk-painting classes and courses in which you will be introduced to silk-painting materials and techniques.

Discover the possibilities, techniques and unique textures of silk-painting! This course is run on an on-demand basis.


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